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The race that shocks a nation: 2022 NRL nudie run

If there’s one thing that rugby league players love, it’s a tradition. From the cold showers after the game, the mad Monday celebrations, uploading salacious videos, crapping in the coach’s shoes, and the post-training night drinking sessions.

It’s all fun and games, even if somebody does get hurt. Frankly, it’s the real reason why players put themselves through the pain and life-threatening injuries to turn up to play every week.

But the most time-honoured rugby league tradition of them all is the nudie run, where players who have failed to score a try during the season are required to run a lap (or two) of the oval in the nude, to the vocal support of some fairly inebriated onlookers.

A tribal celebration of failure and mediocrity. Some players who are not even required to do the run will chose to do it anyway, just to support their mates and tick it off their…

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