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Sydney Roosters impose booze ban for premiership charge

“Bradley Charles Stubbs has done a lot for our club,” Verrills said. “He’s a funny dude, he’s good to have around the club. Obviously, he’s the ‘Coach Whisperer’. He’s a good character and we love having him here.

“I’ve had a few good conversations with him, he speaks from the heart. He’s doing wonders with the club. He’s putting his views across and we’ve won every game since he’s been here.”

Some players have sworn off social media altogether, but Verrills said he had just limited how much time he spends on it.

“I sometimes still go on Instagram, but it’s more [reducing] Facebook [time],” he said.

“You read a lot of articles, I try to stay off Facebook. It does clear your head a bit, especially for the back end of the year. I just don’t need it. So I got rid of it.”

Verrills, who will join the Gold Coast at the end of the Roosters’ campaign,…

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