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NRL Bachelor lifts lid on reality TV dating

Former Canberra forward Luke Bateman reveals his experience as a contestant on reality dating series The Bachelor and identifies the next NRL player who should take the plunge.

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Bateman, a more than handy footballer before knee problems forced him into an early retirement, is set to take centre stage on December 3 as one of three men on The Bachelor on Network 10.

He received a barrage of text messages from former teammates when the news found its way into the public domain – some of it good-natured sledging, but mostly words of encouragement and support.

“The very first time we met the girls, my heart was beating at like 240 beats a minute I reckon,” Bateman said.

“With footy, you have done it a thousand times. You knew what to expect. With this, you didn’t know what as going to happen.”

We asked Bateman which of his former teammates would…

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