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Let’s be honest about the future of rugby league

Full disclosure is probably required here: I’m not really a huge league fan. I watch it, sure, I have a team (go Storm), and I was going to become a member before the pandemic hit.

However, it’s not my love. If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a diehard AFL fan and probably worst of all, I call league ‘rugby’ in normal conversation. But I am fascinated by league, the history is intriguing, the rivalries are convoluted and old, and the fans are out of their minds in the best way possible.

I look at league as an outsider with no real love and no malice, just bemused confusion at how out of touch it is. From the outside looking in, the NRL needs to expand, further professionalise, and controversially come to terms with what I see as the most likely future for the league.

It’s a hot topic in the NRL now, even I can see that and is…

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