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Facts About Rugby Sport in Australia

The Australian National Rugby League is undoubtedly one of the most revered sporting events in the world and a notable part of the country’s identity. Starting in 1907 as a rebellion act, the games have a vast history of growth, losses, financial struggles, and more, securing their place in the hearts of fans.

If you are new to Australian Rugby and interested in learning more, this article is a perfect read. Here you will learn the history of the sport and sports news that can give you a better understanding of it.

The Beginning of an Era

The Australian Rugby league was first established by a group of Rugby Union players who were not happy with the New South Wales Rugby Union’s disinterest in paying their players. They thought they should come up with a new code for the same while also changing some rules based on the Northern Union of England.

There were three important figures that acted as catalysts in the formation of the league. James J. Giltinan, a businessman from Sydney, is perhaps the first name that comes to mind when talking about the Australian Rugby League. You can say he personally envisioned and executed the 1908 England tour for the first Australian Rugby Team, Kangaroos.

Supporting him in all his endeavors were Victor Trumper and Henry Hoyle. While more athletes got interested in the new code as there was the presence of renowned cricketer Trumper, Hoyle’s political background helps justify their split from the original Rugby Union. These three figures were the main reason for the sport gaining such high momentum in a short period of time.

The Rise of the Kangaroos

The addition of NSW Rugby Union player Herbert Henry Messenger to the sport drew a high following. As you will learn from any Australian Rugby related sports content, Messenger was able to bring his fans to the new game while also taking the club to 1911, 1912, and 1913 premierships.

He also played seven tests with the League team. After such success in the 1908 season, the Australian National Rugby League team went to England to play against the Northern Union Teams.

Unfortunately, this tour was a failed endeavor both for the team’s excellence and the union’s financial stand, so much so that the Northern Union had to pay for return tickets. However, this did not stop the game from becoming a popular hit in the country, and the Queensland Rugby Association got established.

After facing a lot of struggles throughout their journey, the first Rugby League World Cup was hosted in 1957, and in their 1965 edition, the grand final drew as many as 78,056 attendees, setting a new record. With such popularity, home and away matches got introduced. As for the latest rugby news, the Australian Rugby League saw immense success, with an incredible 40-0 win in their centenary year.

The next year, this league was declared the most-watched sports event on television. Now, the Australian National Rugby League Grand Final is the most popular and attended a sports event in the world. Whether you are looking for more information on Rugby or other latest soccer updates, you can rely on SportyJones.


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