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Does the NRL need to introduce a wildcard round?

As the NRL season races into finals, the conversation around the ‘dead-rubber’ games in the late stages of the year are still dominating headlines.

With the bottom four sides essentially throwing in the towel with nothing to play for in the final weeks of the season, the NRL has seen some out of proportion score lines.

Many suggestions have been floated to solve this issue, including a wildcard proposal from SEN’s Joel Caine, giving entry for ninth and tenth place into the finals.

“That’s why I’m so big on the wildcard round, go down to tenth, people will say you’re rewarding mediocrity, well you’re not because you’re actually punishing it,” Caine said on SEN 1170 The Run Home.

“Seventh and eight have to place an extra game against ninth and tenth, and everyone else has a week off.

“What it does if you do that, it just keeps the…

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