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Debt-riddled club smashed in Super Rugby opener

Winning is always important but when you are literally playing for your future and even when success doesn’t guarantee the doors will stay open resilience can sometimes overwrite skill to get the job done.

Unfortunately for the Melbourne Rebels all the fortitude in the world wasn’t enough to overcome the Brumbies in the opening match of what could be their final season, failing to score a try in a 30-3 defeat in front of a mostly empty stadium only opened to them after one of the club’s many debts was repaid this week.

The Rebels are playing a bit like the walking dead this season, their coach and his staff on four-month contracts, players on massive deals up to $500,000 secure they’ll get paid, but heads on a swivel for the next possible opportunity, needing only to look around the empty administration offices at AAMI Park to know things aren’t good.

Those players fronted…

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