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Question time: Boy wonder – Australian Golf Digest

Meet Zac Wolfe, who recently became a world champion at age 6

Be it a prodigious golfer, pianist or maths whiz, there is nothing as remarkable as a gifted child. How can someone so young be so accomplished? It’s almost as if it is preordained or preprogrammed in the child.

Zac Wolfe is a precocious 6-year-old golfer who not only has tremendous physical capabilities but is working on his golf swing at an elite level. Understanding biomechanics and having the ability to make swing changes is advanced, even for the best in the game, let alone a child. Zac already has a list of accolades and trophies, but what his father Jeremy says is important is the friendships forged and life skills he is developing on his golf journey.

There is nothing more foundational than sport and all it provides; life lessons are taught, commitment and dedication are embraced and learning to…


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