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OzHarvest Australia: Hidden cost-of-living crisis behind 40-person line

For the inner-city Sydney suburb of Waterloo, the most bustling spot on a Saturday morning isn’t a cult brunch spot, but a market offering the hungry and struggling a bit of reprieve.

Despite the endless drizzle and grey winter morning, they’re prepared.

At 9.30am, a whole 30 minutes before opening, a queue at least a dozen people deep has formed outside the OzHarvest Market. Using rescued food from supermarkets and other partners, the food relief program allows anyone access to free produce and pantry staples.

While donations are optional, they’re by no means required and at times, actively discouraged.

“We’ll have people who feel a bit shy and we tell them: ‘please don’t do that because we can see you’re struggling. It’s really tough right now’,” Market Manager Eliza van der Sman told

At the head of the queue is an elderly woman who got to the…


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