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One Australian diagnosed with diabetes every 8 minutes, research reveals

Sydney woman Holly Hartson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was six years old and said the condition has “consumed” her and her loved ones ever since.

“There’s just no break ever,” Hartson told

“It affects every single part of my life.”

The kits prick a patient's finger then read the blood-glucose level.
Holly Hartson would have to prick her finger up to eight times a day to check her glucose levels before she got a continuous glucose monitor. (Supplied: Diabetes WA)

The now 28-year-old wants people to understand that while living with diabetes has its challenges, “a very happy, healthy life” is possible.

“It’s not, you know, a life sentence,” Hartson laughed.

“You can still do everything you want to do.”

“You just have to learn how to do it differently,” she said.

Hartson is a nurse and a diabetes educator who has made it her mission to advocate and care for people living with the condition.

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Multiple daily injections are a standard…


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