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NRL boss claims the Bunker’s involvement this year has been reduced

Graham Annesley has sought to provide some context around the involvement of the Bunker, highlighting the four areas where it operates while also claiming it’s intervention in try-scoring matters has drastically been reduced.

“The Bunker didn’t arrive by accident, it was through necessity,” the head of football said during his weekly press briefing.

What can the Bunker rule on?

“Frankly, a lot of errors in the games were not picked up because of the broadcast reach,” Annesley said, when referencing how the growth of the sport had led to more televised matches than ever before. 

This, as a consequence, accelerated the need for greater technological assistance for match officials, with more attention being placed on their decisions. 

“We are in a world now where every single second of every single game goes under the microscope,” he said. 

“The current…


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