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The human cost of Pakistan’s devastating floods | Australia news

“When you look from a height to the horizon, you just see water and water. And this water is following you everywhere, every height you go, the water immediately after some time reaches you, and then forces you to move somewhere else.”

Nouroz Jamali, 32, is a student based in Islamabad. When the floods came to his family’s home in Gandakha, Jaffarabad district, he travelled back to help them and volunteer. He tells Nosheen Iqbal about the conditions on the ground, and the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding. He recounts how families are looking for dry patches of land to bury the dead.

Guardian reporter Shah Meer Baloch has been reporting on the crisis. He tells Nosheen about the government response in the country and why international efforts to help need to go further.

If you would like to help, the Disaster Emergency Committee has…

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