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Is gelatin a cheap alternative to collagen supplements? 

The beauty industry goes through phases of obsession with active ingredients. While fads come and go, the basic concept of prevention and production still stands when it comes to anti-aging. 

Collagen provides structure, elasticity, bounce, and glow associated with youthfulness. Research has found that by the time we hit 25, our body’s ability to produce collagen slows and the pace at which it is lost speeds up. Various beauty products claim to be loaded with collagen that promises plump and de-wrinkle skin. 

However, collagen affects much more than how our skin looks and feels. Collagen is a lubricant for our joints; it’s also found in cartilage, connective tissue, hair and bones. 

If you want to improve your skin plus potentially keep osteoarthritis and joint pain at bay, topicals aren’t the solution. 

According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, collagen…

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