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Explainer: Is each state in Australia getting its fair share of Covid vaccine doses? | Australia news

The states have blasted the federal government for an “under the table” agreement that saw extra Pfizer doses sent to NSW, saying the imbalance needs to be urgently remedied.

Data published by the ABC on Monday night suggested 45% of Pfizer doses were distributed through the state’s primary healthcare network in late August, despite the state having only 32% of Australia’s population.

The story sparked a fresh round of infighting among the states about who got which vaccines when, and why.

Did NSW get extra vaccinations from the federal government?


In July, the government announced that the Delta outbreak would result in the state getting a “bring forward” of both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, with an extra 150,000 of each to go to the state.

This was followed by another announcement in August that the government had signed a deal with Poland to secure an extra 1m…

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