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NBL will stage a match on Christmas Day for the first time in Australian sport

Christmas Day will have its first Australian sporting fixture, with the NBL set to stage a clash between arch rivals Sydney Kings and Melbourne United.

Kings co-owner Paul Smith declared the NBL was “changing society” by daring to play on Christmas Day, beating other summer leagues including the Big Bash and A-League to set a match on a day that has forever been left alone for sporting events.

“It’s the last scheduling frontier in sport in Australia,” Smith said.

“We are a changing society. Christmas isn’t a holy event for all of us, and it can be a lonely day for a lot of people.

“So, to be able to come out to a world-class venue for a world-class game of hoops, or just watching the Sydney Kings at home on television, it’s a game changer.”

The match will be played at 7.30pm on December 25, in Sydney.

“We are thrilled to be bringing such a massive encounter to…


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