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Morri: Take a sad Cup and make it better – Golf Australia Magazine – The Women’s Game

There’s no doubt players at the top of the sport have done very nicely out of the spat but the game itself – and fans in particular – are yet to see anything of value.

With the latest reported exodus from the PGA Tour – one that especially impacts the International Team for the upcoming Presidents Cup – comes an opportunity for the establishment to do something genuinely interesting.

It is, of course, something they should have done long ago (like so many other things they should have done but didn’t which is how we ended up here).

But ‘better late than never’ is a cliché for a reason so let’s just get on with switching the Presidents Cup from its current tired format to something genuinely innovative by inviting the game’s top women to be part of it.

Not because it’s the right thing to do (it is) but because – should they…


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