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Morri: Ines the inspiration – Golf Australia Magazine – The Women’s Game

While the phrase itself has become tedious and almost meaningless, the reality is that professional golf does have a role to play (though likely not as important as some think) in attracting and keeping people playing.

It’s not difficult to find young, elite amateur or professional players talking enthusiastically about the influence of Tiger Woods or Se Ri Pak on their life decisions regarding golf.

But beyond those with professional ambitions, is that still true? Do many people with no previous exposure to the game suddenly decide they want to take it up because they have seen a professional tournament?

No doubt there will be some (Nick Faldo springs to mind) but unquestionably they are a minority compared to those who have an existing connection to or interest in the game.

Which brings us to this week’s events.

Laklalech was herself…


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