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Morri: A reminder of the simplicity of golf

“With all the progress golf has made with force plates, titanium, radar, graphite, agronomy, clubhouses, golf operations, apps etc,” he wrote, “Have we glossed over the simple act of hitting a ball being outdoors with friends? Covid highlighted it but have we grasped it? Have we changed?”

It’s a fascinating question and one the golf industry should be asking itself on a daily basis.

If the headlines around the game were the measure then grassroots golf might as well not exist, such is the attention presently being heaped on the controversy at the top end of the men’s professional game.

But there was a gentle reminder of what’s important about golf from the top of the women’s professional game this week in Scotland.

“Even at the very top levels, golfers forget the simply joy that hitting a ball at a target with a stick can…


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