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Mickelson considers withdrawing from PGA Tour lawsuit

Speaking to reporters at Rich Harvest Farms ahead of this weekend’s LIV Golf Invitational Chicago, Mickelson expressed his confidence in the suit now that the LIV Golf entity has joined its players in it.

“Now that LIV is involved, it’s not necessary for me to be involved,” Mickelson said. “I currently still am. I don’t know what I’m going to do, really.

“The only reason for me to stay in is (monetary) damages, which I don’t really want or need anything. I do think it’s immattportant that the players have the right to play when and where they want, when and where they qualify for.

“And now that LIV is a part of it, that will be accomplished if and when they win.”

Eleven members of LIV Golf originally came together to bring the suit against the PGA Tour in August.

They sought to challenge their suspension from the PGA Tour for participating in the…


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