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LIV Golf allows players to wear shorts and we await your response, PGA Tour

Millions in guaranteed contracts. Private jets. Swanky hotels. Caddies treated like royalty. It’s all attractive, sure. But the shorts? How could LIV Golf leave out what might have been its most valuable recruiting tool of all?

CEO Greg Norman posted on LIV’s Twitter account that his golfers would be allowed to wear shorts during competition, starting with the second round on Saturday in the event outside of Boston.

We jest about the incentive, of course, but shorts have been a subject of debate for a number of years in men’s golf.

Women have sported shorts in tournaments for decades, but they’ve been banned on the men’s side since, well, the days of Old Tom Morris.

PGA Tour players often wear shorts in practice rounds, but not in pro-ams or on tournament days. For some, it has seemed like an archaic tradition, considering the swampy heat the…


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