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Kyle Sandilands back on Aus Idol, first MAFS bride, AFL

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Nine denies Costello was secret Packer casino lobbyist

Nine Entertainment has denied chairman Peter Costello worked as a “secret Crown lobbyist” for James Packer after the allegation was raised in a selection of the billionaire’s erratic emails leaked to the press, reports Nine Publishing’s Mark Di Stefano.

According to the emails published by The Australian on Monday, Packer claimed he’d hired Costello to be a casino lobbyist in 2011, helping him get “close to” the Victorian gaming minister. Nine said Costello was an “adviser” to Packer during that time, and refuted claims he was working as an unregistered lobbyist.

“Peter Costello did NOT lobby for CPH, he was an adviser to them on other business matters for a year in 2011. He has never been a registered lobbyist because he isn’t a lobbyist,” a spokesperson for Nine said.


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