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‘John Is Not Welcome’: John Daly Once Got Slammed for ‘Unacceptable’ and Bitter Behavior at a Professional Event

The struggles of John Daly with his anger have always been a topic of discussion in the world of golf. The controversial golfer doesn’t shy away from displaying his emotions on the golf course. However, once his antics on the golf course almost got him banned from the tournament for life. We take a look into the infamous incident from 2011 when Daly decided to walk off the course.

Back in 2011, John Daly was participating in the Australian Open at The Lakes. It wasn’t a memorable day for the 2-time Major champion as he had a series of poor shots.


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Eventually, as the tournament progressed, Daly’s frustration got the better of him and he decided to walk off the course. Following his withdrawal from the event, the golfer faced massive public scrutiny from the Australian fans and more importantly the organizers of the event.

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