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Huggan: Was this really goodbye, Tiger?

As ever with Tiger Woods, his disappointingly premature departure from the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews was open-ended, definitive only in the fact that he absolutely hit the ball too often. Never mind contending, for only the fourth time in his now 22 appearances at golf’s oldest and most important event, the (permanently?) ailing 46-year-old missed the cut. 

Not much else is clear-cut though.

His future – as a player at least – remains shrouded in characteristic mystery. Nothing new there, of course. Where Woods is concerned there have always been significant and, often enough, carefully crafted gaps in the narrative. 

His past relationship with prescription drugs has never been fully explained. Nor his interaction with at least one dodgy doctor. Just how many women were there in his shadowy life during the “sex addiction”…


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