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How Nick Kyrgios silenced his critics to reach Wimbledon final

‘I want to be remembered as someone who just did it their way,’ Nick Kyrgios told Brisbane‘s Courier Mail, ‘never conformed to these rules that society or the tennis world wants you to fit in.’

Maverick. Individualist. Free spirit. Unorthodox. All labels that can be placed around Kyrgios’ neck.

And for a long time they were remarks used in the pejorative sense. A supreme talent wasting his gift. Why is he not training more? Why is he not playing more? Why has he never made it past a Grand Slam quarter-final? Why does he insist on all the histrionics? Why doesn’t he love the sport like many less talented players on Tour? Why, why, why.

For many, least of all Kyrgios himself, reaching a Wimbledon final, where he will take on 20-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic on Centre Court, was a day they never thought would come.

It was only three years ago at the Australian Open when the…


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