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Grant Harden: paedophile soccer coach, disability worker sentenced

The disturbing extent of a soccer coach’s depraved sexual abuse of young boys can finally be revealed. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

The disturbing full extent of a Sydney paedophile’s depraved abuse and exploitation of young boys can now be revealed after he was sentenced to a minimum 22-years behind bars.

Kids soccer coach and disability support worker Grant Harden, 31, filmed his sexual abuse of seven children and shared it with other paedophiles in exchange for more child abuse material.

According to a statement of agreed facts tendered in court, the children were aged as young as four and subject to sexual abuse.

Much of the material in the facts statement, which ran to more than 60 pages, is too disturbing to publish and outlines hundreds of examples of abuse Harden or other paedophiles carried out with children.

Court documents state several of the children were forced to touch each…




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