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When others doubted, Finau’s belief remained

When the press went from praising him to questioning him, he never blinked.

Same, too, when his most ardent fans moved away from their predictions of golf greatness and instead began to question whether he had what it took to win on Sundays.

But for Finau, nothing ever changed. He knew all along what it would take to win, just like he knew all along he had those attributes in hand.

“Well, you know, I continue to believe in myself. That’s the bottom line,” Finau said. “It’s more massive I think for just my sense of accomplishment for myself. I’ve worked extremely hard, not only on my game; but on my body to put myself in these types of positions and eventually I knew it was going to happen.”

To Finau’s credit—and maybe his relief—it did eventually happen. And it happened on perhaps one of the biggest stages of them all.

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