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When it comes to handling players’ equipment needs, LIV Golf is finding ways to do more with less

“Hey, I’m finishing up a build. Can I call you back in about 10 minutes?”

That was Ben Giunta, owner of The Tour Van, based in Portland, Oregon, and the man, along with business partner Jason Werner, charged with taking care of the equipment needs of players competing in LIV Golf Invitational events held in the United States.

The signings, the lawsuits, the world-ranking saga, the overall controversy. LIV Golf’s emergence has certainly mixed things up inside the sport in the past few months. Yet as one who has covered professional golf’s equipment scene for 20-plus years, my curiosity is more focused. Specifically, how is the equipment landscape different on the upstart Saudi-backed circuit compared to what players are used to on the PGA Tour?

For background we turned to Giunta, who spent nearly a decade as a PGA Tour rep for Nike, while he was working at…

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