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Tested: Titleist T-Series Irons – Golf Australia Magazine

COST: $329 per iron (steel shafts); $354 per iron (graphite).

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Deputy & Digital Editor

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: What’s not to like about a new range of Titleist irons? That’s certainly true with the new T-Series that although they carry a similar look in the cavity carry out extremely different functions from a performance standpoint.

The all satin chrome look is great, as is the ability to combine the T-Series line with other models following the Tour trend of blending sets with more forgiveness at the top end of the bag, and more control in the scoring clubs.

That combination capability is clearly evident when going through a Titleist fitting, just as this writer did, where the goal is to maintain peak heights, and landing angles with increasing ball speed through the set to get optimal set gapping.


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