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Should there be Ryder Cup ties? A new poll of golf insiders has some strong takes

When it comes to ties, the Golf Power Poll family is a house divided.

The first 14-14 tie in the 33-year history of the Solheim Cup last week prompted a lot of debate in the golf world on the eve of the 44th Ryder Cup over whether or not the wildly popular international team events in golf should be decided each time by an outright winner. While historically rare occurrences in the Ryder (twice) and Solheim (once) Cups, ties have gone to the previous outright winner, with the reigning champions retaining the trophy.

Our Power Poll voters narrowly lean towards preferring team events finish with a clear winner and loser, with 52 percent (68 votes) choosing a tiebreaker with 38 percent (50 votes) fine with the previous winner retaining the trophy. Only 10 percent (13 votes) think a tie and sharing the prize would be satisfactory.

How any proposed tiebreaker would be implemented,…

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