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Rowing is an awesome exercise for golfers—2 experts explain why

I really love golf, and I really hate working out. Which is unfortunate, because working out is really good for your golf game. Getting stronger and more flexible can make your golf swing better, and of course, improve your health off the golf course, too.

It’s been hard for me to square these two things—my desires to be a better golfer and a healthier person without working out. But recently, I’ve stumbled upon one thing that has really helped.


I’m not rowing on water (at least not yet). But rather, I’ve committed to doing near-daily workouts on a Hydrow rowing machine I recently set up in my garage. I’ve found them strangely enjoyable, for a few reasons: I like that I don’t have to row for ages in order to get a heart-racing workout in. I can go faster or slower, and after each workout I feel it in some pretty crucial golf muscles, from my legs to my…

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