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Ogilvy: The players that impressed me the most

Ogilvy: The players that impressed me the most

The word “special” has been getting used a lot in reference to the young Swede, which is not surprising given the quality of his play and his results immediately after turning professional.

Anyway, the rise and rise of Ludvig got me thinking. I’m like most tour pros in it takes an awful lot to really impress me. But a few players have over the years.

The different ones. These are the special ones. The ones that make you stop, look and listen.

Here then are the few who have done all of that for me.

Greg Norman

I spent a lot of time when I was young watching tournament golf in Melbourne. I can recall seeing Greg playing in the Aussie Masters at Huntingdale. The whole field would be hitting irons off the tees to keep the ball on the narrow fairways. It was single-file out there, with balls being lost all over the place. But Greg hit driver…

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