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Melbourne golf course screaming match goes viral

A screaming match between two players at a Melbourne golf club has emerged online, with the wild altercation attracting thousands of views.

The chaotic scene is understood to have unfolded at Cranbourne Golf Club during their annual club tournament over the weekend, with a disagreement between two players quickly descending into a expletive laden yelling match.

Footage shared to Twitter starts off with one enraged player marching up to two other men standing on the course.

“I don’t like spectators so why are there people watching? Why are they on the golf course?” the man says as he approaches.

WARNING: Video contains extremely strong language

This immediately sets off one of the golfers, a player in a red shirt, who storms up to the man and tells him to walk away before “I knock you the f**k out c**t”.

At this point the situation boils over and both men begin screaming in each…

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