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Lofts and Lies: You’re fooling yourself if you’re buying a driver based on the number on the sole

At the Hot List player testing sessions, while we certainly learn a lot about the performance of the latest clubs, we also learn a lot about what average golfers, average avid golfers, know—and more importantly don’t know—about the clubs they’ve already put in their bags and the ones they might put in there soon. After talking with our on-site fitters, one big takeaway that is increasingly true is that a lot of assumptions average golfers make are holding them back.

Specifically, let’s look at driver lofts. The simple truth is that not all drivers that show the same loft number on the sole will launch the ball the same way. In other words, if you thought you were a 10.5-degree R-flex because that’s what you’ve always been, you are likely wrong and likely leaving a lot of yards on the table.

“We as fitters fight it every day because everyone’s got information…

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