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Jeffrey Guan – Rising star, wise guy

So, put yourself in his shoes, if you can.

Jeffrey Guan had begun the final round of the 2021 Australian Amateur at a tournament-primed Kooyonga a country mile adrift of homegrown leader – and soon-to-be professional – Jack Thompson, who was thought to be unassailable on familiar Adelaide soil.

Eventual champion, Louis Dobbelaar, was several groups behind New South Welshman Guan. At first the pair chiselled then later bulldozed their way into the contest as Thompson experienced what would become a terminal case of closing nerves.

Remarkably, by the time Guan stood on the 17th tee of one of Australia’s great tournament courses, the chasing duo were equal leaders, despite having started seven (Guan) and five (Dobbelaar) off the pace.

As you picture this, know that Guan at the time was newly a Year 11 student at Endeavour Sports High School in…

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