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WNBA: Interview with Atlanta Dream’s Kristy Wallace

The 2022 Atlanta Dream were a very interesting team indeed. Even though they missed the playoffs, I really enjoyed watching a lot of the players on this team that I believe will help them be a contender for years to come.

One player in particular that I enjoyed watching was Kristy Wallace. I remember watching her in several Dream home games that I attended and being impressed with how much grit and hustle she always had on both sides of the court.

I was able to speak to Wallace one day after practice last month and learn more about her. This interview has been edited for clarity.

Swish Appeal: That person who you were talking to. Was that Ben King or Steve Hawkins? Who was that?

Kristy Wallace: Those are guys, so they’re Australian. They helped me get back from my injuries, so Steve Hawkins is a physio.

Is that Steve Hawkins? Is that him?

Steve Hawkins, he’s a trainer, like a…

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