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Celebrating North Adelaide’s 1972 ‘Champions of Australia’ triumph

BARRIE Robran did not see it…the North Adelaide great was running towards his team’s goal, leaving Carlton great Alex Jesaulenko flat footed on Adelaide Oval and applauding.

“Never saw it…still have not seen it,” says Robran, 50 years later of the moment that has become part of his legend.

With the exception of the 23,213 at Adelaide Oval that cold Sunday afternoon in October 1972, no-one else can recall seeing “Jezza” turn from rival to admirer of Robran’s sublime skills to evade a tackle. But so many speak of that episode, as if Jesaulenko’s claps still echo where the Cresswell Stand once stood at the southern end of Adelaide Oval.

Less than two minutes of the black-and-white television footage survive from the 1972 Champions of Australia final. It begins with Darryl Webb running into the open goal square at the River Torrens end to score the goal that puts…

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