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Big AFL crowds in 2022, but England love their sport more than us

In 2022, the Australian Football League (AFL) hosted 13 matches that attracted 60,000, even before the finals commenced, thus cementing itself as one of the most popular football leagues in the world.

For many fans, even the few English people I know, they marvel at the big crowds that regularly attend the AFL at the MCG alone.

But Australia’s football crowds do not compare with England.

At face value, if we look at all of the football codes, Australia and England appear to have similar popular club support when one takes account of Australia’s population of 25 million being much smaller than England with 56 million.

Based on 2022 crowd data, and taking account of all of the football codes played in Australia and England, Australia has eight club teams with a 30,000+ average, 17 20,000+ and 33 10,000+, whereas England has 15 teams 30,000+, 29 20,000+…

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