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Female police officer harassed in TikTok

A group of men has shared footage of themselves harassing a female police officer they believed would be better suited to modelling.

A group of men has been slammed after targeting a female police officer with a barrage of inappropriate comments.

A man filming for the TikTok account blackmagictvv was heard saying, “damn this one is nice”, while peers laughed along in the background.

“Bro this one should be a model,” another man was heard saying about the cop.

The officer appeared uncomfortable at the obscene commentary and was shown looking around at her surroundings, attempting to ignore the group of men.

A caption across the video, uploaded earlier this month, read: “She’s definitely in the wrong field.”

The man filming was heard saying, “this woman is beautiful” as she turned to face away.

“She should be a model not a police officer,” he added.

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