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Evian Where Minjee Lee Transformed | LPGA

Turning points in life require hindsight. No matter how momentous a decision, or how meaningful an accomplishment might seem in the present, it takes time to understand the impact your actions have on the future and how they will change not just your behavior, but your attitudes going forward.  


Look into the eyes of Minjee Lee these days and you may see a different person than the young Australian golfer of a year ago. Her gaze drills deep into the souls of those who engage her – a taut lioness stalking a grazing gazelle. Her verbiage is much the same: guarded and quick. She isn’t one who rushes to fill an uncomfortable silence with more talk. Ask a question; she gives you an answer. If it’s not the one you want, too bad. But that has always been Lee’s approach. The difference is in the eyes, and the walk – a clipped and confident gate, shoulders back, almost a…


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