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Editor’s letter: Media puzzle – Australian Golf Digest

Impartial observers of the sport weigh in on the most fascinating, yet complicated time to cover the professional game

Sports Illustrated’s Bob Harig summed it up best during one of our recent conversations: “This has been the most disruptive time I can remember in golf,” said the veteran golf writer and author of Tiger & Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry.

Harig, like all good golf reporters, is still trying to wrap his head around an even bigger rivalry that has turned professional golf on its head, a feud that is so far removed from being “dead in the water”, it’s even changed the tune of the man who prematurely declared its demise, Rory McIlroy.

“Everyone has to pivot and change and try to be better and hopefully get to that stage, but it’s messy and the narrative isn’t good; it’s splitting the game instead of everyone coming together,”…


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