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Details for Queen’s ‘meticulously planned’ funeral released

Sky News host Peta Credlin says funeral plans for Queen Elizabeth II have officially been released.

“The symbolism involved with almost every aspect, the detail, the meticulous planning,” she said.

“What we do know now is this is the first state funeral in over 57 years in Britain so we will see ceremony on a scale rarely witnessed here, or anywhere in the world.”

Ms Credlin said over 500 dignitaries around across the globe are already starting to arrive in London ahead of Her late Majesty’s funeral on Monday.

“The heads of state of all countries with which the UK has full diplomatic relations have been invited to the funeral,” she said.

“Only three national governments have been banned from attending: Russia, Belarus, and Myanmar – but China is in.”

Ms Credlin said inviting China was the “right move” as Russia is currently at war with the West in Ukraine and…


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