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Daphne Harding just turned 90 and she’s not putting down the tennis racquet yet

Daphne Harding is one of about 160 members of the Southlands Tennis Club in Mawson. Photo: James Coleman.

Daphne Harding made it to the milestone of 90 years old last week and her friends are hosting a party for her. Not in her home or at the retirement village, but at the Southlands Tennis Club.

That’s right – Daphne plays tennis. At 90, she can be found bounding – well, walking fast – after a ball on the green courts near the Mawson shops. It’s clear from the other members here on this chilly Monday morning that even if she hasn’t made it onto any world charts, she’s a star. They love her.

Technically, Daphne isn’t playing today. But given she has just walked 20 minutes from her Farrer home, she clearly still has it in her. The real reason she’s just watching today is that she suffered a shoulder injury on Christmas Day last year.

“My son brought over a game…


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