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ICC World Cup 2023 – Attack with the new ball, don’t lose momentum in the middle: where the World Cup could be won

predict a clear favorite for the 2023 edition. However, there are certain factors that have brought teams success in recent times.

One of the factors that teams will have to consider is the change in rules regarding the tiebreaker. In the past, the World Cup has been decided by boundary countback, but this rule has been changed for the 2023 edition. This means that teams will have to find other ways to win matches and secure their spot in the tournament.

The most notable aspect of this World Cup is the level playing field. Unlike previous editions dominated by teams like Australia, this tournament is wide open and any team has a realistic chance of winning. This is partly due to the diverse range of conditions in India, which will challenge teams to adapt and perform in different environments. Additionally, the unavailability of teams’ best XIs at various points in the years leading up to the World Cup adds an element of unpredictability.

Recent trends in cricket will also play a role in determining success in the 2023 edition. Teams will need to analyze and adapt to these trends in order to stay competitive. Experts like Dale Steyn, Anil Kumble, Matthew Hayden, and Steve Harmison have shared their predictions on ESPNcricinfo’s Match Day crew, giving fans insight into what to expect.

Overall, the 2023 World Cup is set to be a thrilling and unpredictable tournament. No clear favorite has emerged, and the vast range of conditions in India adds an extra layer of intrigue. Teams will have to navigate the new tiebreaker rules, adapt to changing trends, and overcome challenges posed by the diverse conditions. With so many variables at play, it will be fascinating to see which team rises to the top and etches their name in World Cup history.

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