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Cam Smith and Citi suck at the Saudi teat

But the financial institution’s previously active fandom for the World No. 2 has gone quiet since the 29-year-old defected from the PGA Tour in August to join the rival LIV Golf tournament, controversially financed by the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund.

Which is a little odd, given Smith is still in hot form, shooting six-under-par at his first outing at LIV Boston, one shot behind the eventual winners, while taking out first place at LIV Golf Chicago last week.

It would be a shame if Citi was getting cold feet about Smith since he joined Greg Norman’s renegade tour in a rumoured $US100 million ($151 million) deal, which has split the golfing community, as professionals accuse players of taking huge sums of cash from a brutal regime.

And you’d think Citi, with its vast array of social-minded sponsorships and lengthy diversity policy, would also be an incongruous fit in the…


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