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British tourist ‘decapitated by helicopter blades’ in Athens

A British tourist was killed by a spinning helicopter blade in Athens as his horrified sibling watched on after returning from a holiday with his wealthy family.

Jack Fenton, 22, and at least one of his siblings had been travelling back from Mykonos in the hired chopper ahead of their parents when tragedy struck, The Sun reported.

According to local reports, the pilot of the black Bell 407 craft and two ground technicians have been arrested as police investigate.

The young holidaymaker disembarked the chopper after it landed at a helipad in Spata and – unaware that a rotor was still spinning – it’s understood he walked towards the tail of the helicopter.

Mr Fenton’s sibling and pilot then reeled in horror as they saw a sweeping blade kill him instantly at around 6.20pm local time.

The shocked pilot of the first chopper is understood to have radioed back to his colleague on board the…


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