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Wayville unveils $17.2 million state-of-the-art basketball centre

ages and skill levels benefit from the latest and best training and competition facilities available,” said Governor Hieu Van Le, who officially opened the centre on March 30.

In addition to the basketball courts, the State Basketball Centre also features player change rooms, referee change rooms, meeting rooms, a gymnasium, a café, and dedicated spaces for physiotherapy, sports science, and administration. The facility is fully accessible and includes amenities specifically designed for people with disabilities.

The completion of the State Basketball Centre is seen as a significant step forward for basketball in South Australia. It not only provides top-notch facilities for athletes but also creates new opportunities for the sport to grow and thrive in the state.

With the addition of four new courts, the centre will be able to accommodate a higher number of basketball competitions, tournaments, and training sessions. This means more players will have the chance to participate and develop their skills, leading to a potentially stronger basketball community in the state.

The new facility will also allow South Australia to host more interstate and national basketball events. With the FIBA Level 1 rated show court, the state now has a venue capable of hosting high-level competitions and attracting top-level talent.

Having a central hub for basketball in South Australia will also bring benefits beyond the sport itself. The State Basketball Centre is expected to boost the local economy by attracting visitors to the area for tournaments and events. This will lead to increased spending on accommodation, dining, and other local businesses.

Furthermore, the facility will serve as a community hub, bringing people together and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. From children participating in local basketball leagues to adults using the gym and other facilities, the State Basketball Centre will provide opportunities for people of all ages to stay active and engage with the sport.

The completion of the State Basketball Centre is the result of collaboration between various stakeholders. The South Australian Government, Basketball Australia, Basketball South Australia, and other local organizations all played a role in making this project a reality.

The development of the centre also aligns with the state government’s commitment to supporting sport and physical activity. It recognizes the importance of providing quality facilities and opportunities for people to engage in sports and recreational activities.

Overall, the completion of the $17.2 million State Basketball Centre represents a significant investment in basketball in South Australia. It not only provides state-of-the-art facilities for athletes but also creates opportunities for the sport to grow and thrive in the state. The centre will be a hub for basketball at all levels, from community to high-performance, and will bring social, economic, and health benefits to the local community.

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