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Why Donovan Mitchell won’t sign contract extension with Cavs this season — and what it means for his future

Cleveland Cavaliers star guard Donovan Mitchell has informed the front office that he will not sign a contract extension before the season opener on October 25. Mitchell, a perennial MVP candidate, joined the organization last summer and his arrival heightened expectations for the team.

During the team’s annual media day, Mitchell stated, “I still have the opportunity to sign an extension next summer.” This suggests that he is keeping his options open and may be considering other opportunities or waiting to see how the season unfolds before committing to a long-term contract.

While this decision may disappoint some fans, Mitchell’s choice is not uncommon in the NBA. Many players choose to wait until next summer to sign contract extensions in order to have more flexibility and explore their options. By not signing an extension now, Mitchell can potentially earn a larger contract in the future if he continues to perform at a high level.

The Cavaliers organization will have to prepare for the possibility of Mitchell becoming a free agent next summer. They will need to consider how this decision affects their long-term plans and whether they will pursue other players or assets to complement their current roster.

Mitchell’s decision could also impact the team’s performance on the court. The Cavaliers had high hopes for Mitchell when they acquired him, and his presence was expected to elevate the team’s performance. With uncertainty surrounding his future, the team may need to adjust their expectations and game plan accordingly.

However, Mitchell’s choice to wait on signing an extension does not necessarily mean he is unhappy with the Cavaliers or planning to leave the team. It could simply be a strategic move on his part to maximize his earning potential and take control of his own future.

Ultimately, only time will tell what Mitchell’s decision means for the Cavaliers and his own career. The coming season will be crucial in determining his value and his future in the NBA. In the meantime, the Cavaliers will need to focus on building a strong team around him and continue to compete at a high level.

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