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How Liz Mills became the first woman to coach a men’s basketball team in an international tournament

By Alasdair Howorth, CNN

    (CNN) — Most coaches walking onto the basketball court are thinking about tactics, starting lineups and the upcoming game. But as the first woman to coach a men’s national team at a major FIBA tournament, Liz Mills must think of everything — even what she wears.

“When I went to Mozambique, they said: ‘You can’t wear the boots. You’ve got to take them off because you look too feminine,'” Mills tells CNN Sport.

She refused to take off the high heeled boots and they have since become a mainstay. “I’m very proud to be a woman. Don’t you forget about it, but I’m here to coach. And that’s what I want people to talk about: the coaching.”

Growing up in Australia, Mills watched the Women’s National Basketball League. Unlike most, the people…

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