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2023/24 NBA Disabled Player Exceptions

in mind these exceptions can provide some relief for teams dealing with significant injuries to their roster.

Disabled player exceptions are granted by the NBA league office and are typically only awarded when a player is deemed to have suffered a season-ending injury. In order to qualify for a DPE, a team must have a player go down with an injury that is projected to keep them out for the rest of the season. The team must also apply for the exception within a specific timeframe after the injury occurs.

Once granted, the disabled player exception allows the team to either sign a replacement player to a one-year contract, trade for a player in the final year of his contract, or claim a player off waivers who is in the final year of his contract. The exception essentially provides the team with some additional financial flexibility to add a new player to their roster in the wake of a season-ending injury.

It’s important to note that the rules surrounding disabled player exceptions are somewhat restrictive and the exceptions themselves are typically not worth a significant amount of money. As a result, they often go unused and simply expire without benefiting the team that was awarded the exception.

However, in some cases, a DPE can provide much-needed relief for a team dealing with a significant injury to a key player. It allows them the opportunity to add a replacement player without being limited by the salary cap restrictions that would normally apply.

In summary, a disabled player exception is a special provision granted by the NBA league office to teams dealing with a player who has suffered a season-ending injury. It provides the team with some additional spending flexibility to add a replacement player to their roster. While the rules and limitations surrounding DPEs can make them somewhat restrictive and not necessarily worth a significant amount, they can still be a valuable tool for teams dealing with significant injuries to their roster.

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