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Australia news live: Practical help on Indigenous issues can only be improved by voice, Mark Dreyfus says; monkeypox vaccinations start | Australian politics

Indigenous issues ‘can only be improved if we listen to a voice’, Mark Dreyfus says

Asked about concerns that the voice to parliament would result in a “talk-fest without tangible issues”, Dreyfus responds:

I think this can only add to the range of issues we need to make to improve Indigenous health, housing, to deal with the social problems that [Country Liberal party] senator [Jacinta] Price is talking about.

The voice is to elevate to constitutional level the possibility of receiving representations, receiving suggestions from our Indigenous people on measures we need to take that are about them. We have not had that in the past.

I’m very much looking forward to this referendum succeeding so there will be at the constitutional level, a voice to parliament. I don’t think in any sense the two things are inconsistent. I accept Senator Price’s concerns about what needs…


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